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       Entertaining your family is becoming more and more desirable and having a home theatre is just the way to do that. Most people love designing and installing home theaters. When you have a home theatre of your own you don’t have to find a parking place to buy tickets. In a dedicated home theatre gaming becomes so to speak. Playing video games in a home theatre is a different experience. The big screen and surround sound of the home theater make you feel like you are right in the stadium. 

       When you have your own theatre you are a king of your domain, you can stop the show rewind to watch please watch a long movie. You can select a home theatre based on the shape of the room, speaker size, furniture placement and decorations. Home entertainment Technology has truly become easy. It brings technology and entertainment together in your home. In a home theatre the receiver sent the video on to your television and sent the audio to the decoder. The Decoder sorts out sound channels from video signals and sends information to amplifiers, amplifiers connected to the appropriate speakers. Home theatres are becoming an increasingly popular way to enjoy the luxuries of the movies from the comfort of your home. You can watch sports ,movies, television shows and play video games.

     Subwoofers are the most important speakers in the home theatres. While you may hear the bass from the speaker a subwoofer helps you to feel the sound. You can hear Bass heavy music. If you are starting to build a home theatre system in your home pair of speakers and necessary. Powered subwoofer is a component of a complete audio system.everyone subwoofer speakers delivered the lower frequency 20 to 200HZ. It is a traditional  two channel setup which cannot reproduce on its own.

      Low frequencies come from instruments like drum, bass, guitar, organ, movie sound effects etc. Subwoofer is a bass thumping Juggernauts. Helps to take away heavy lifting from your loudspeakers and improves the overall system. It is more compelling and widens stereo imaging  more accurately. It produces a more vibrant all encompassing sound.

     You can place it anywhere . It works best. subwoofer and loudspeakers should act as one 

1unit.subwoofers and speakers perform best when their woofers move forward and backward in a synchronized fashion. Most speakers in an audio are not capable of reproducing all the frequencies. 

     We can see a place where we get Sony home theaters,speakers, amplifiers and refurbished items. It is in koyas home appliances, Coimbatore. You can purchase high power watts products from 

Sony at low rates from here. Different items are available here.

      18 inch original speakers of Sony available here.These are  imported products. It has 15,000 watts.It has Rs 8000.It has 16 inch subwoofer. It has midrange and collite provides chillness. It has an air stereo 7000 watts available has a large subwoofer and tutor. It has above 1000 watts. S 6ony original bass tube available has Rs 5000.

     Small subwoofers are available has Rs 8 inch hi fi speaker systems are available has Rs 1500.All models are available here.Sony Different types of small speakers are available here.Full set has Rs includes front,oval and door.These all are quality materials.  

     These all are imported refurbished bluetooth sound bars are available. It has Rs 10,000 with amplifiers. The 10 inch subwoofer speaker has a Rs 3500.FM Cassette player available at Rs 1000.bluetooth receivers available at Rs doubled in set available at Rs stereos are available. X box available at Rs 1500.

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