We can build home theater at our home

     We can make an easily  home theatre at our home. Usually it is very costly. But now we can  build home theatre at low cost.

      If you are build a home theater,you should know about the items ,you can save money.Today we can see about the E gate projector. We can make it very small range.

       It has 1 year warranty. It is a good quality projector.It is an LED projector. We get this projector at Rs 5700.It has a remote to use directly connect  USB.

          Otherwise we can use its switch to control  the projector.It has an audio video cable and power cable.If you connect the set of box,we can get another cable from this.

     The projector  box contains 2 USB portals.This need head set.Above the lens there are two adjustments to focus and position the screen.

     It  consumes only  very low amount of current.We can fix it in stands.It has a screw that adjust the height.

    We can clearly see it daytime and night time.In HDMA input, we get clear image.This projector is a very good option.The price of this projector is Rs 5900.

                  If you want to see movies, foot ball/ cricket  matches,you should fix 720 pixels and you can see very well.you can connect lap top to it.

If you don’t use this  projector for presentation.  Because it has no text clarity .It has low speaker quality. 

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