It is a test with 4 questions that you can identify with your character, which is the trust  that is most appealing to others. As soon as you hear those questions, you will have an answer. Once you have that question in mind and you add up those marks, we can find your most effective quality. Any way  let’s get into those questions.

1) Walking alone In the dark at night . The question here is what is your feeling.


  • Good fear 
  • No problem
  • That is usual
  • Love it.

 The question is which of these four which one is your feeling? Give 10 to 15 seconds to a question.

  • Good fear  – 10 marks
  • That usual   – 20marks 
  • No problem  – 40 marks 
  • Love it           – 30 marks 

Add to your marks in your mobile/ your mind.

2) How do you feel when you are ready and standing in front of a mirror?

  • Nothing feels right
  • Oh !dirty
  • Oh ! what an ugly look
  • Fantastic look 

The question is which of these four which one is your feeling? Give 10 seconds to this question. give an answer that  comes to your mind .

  • Nothing feels right – 30 marks
  • Oh dirty       – 20marks
  • Oh what a look  – 10 Marks
  • Fantastic look  – 40 marks

3) You feel,  your best quality

  • Good dealing with the community
  • A person with good imagination 
  • Good patience
  • Things that others will not do,you will do 

Which of these is a quality you feel about yourself . Give an answer that comes to your mind.

  • Good dealing with the community –  40  
  • A person with good margination     – 30 
  • Good patience  – 10
  • Things that others will not do,you will do  – 20

4) Your opinion on your own dresses

  • Love it 
  • Don’t wear best for thinking what others will say .
  • Looks good
  • Lazy to wear  good clothes.

 Which of these is your feeling.

  •  Love it   – 40 marks
  • Don’t wear  best for thinking what others will say   – 10marks
  • Looks good   – 20 mark
  • Lazy to wear good clothes –  30 marks

The  4 questions are over. For a question, the minimum mark  is 10mark. At the very least , four questions need 40 marks . The maximum is 40 marks. So you can get all 160 marks. Your marks will be between 40 and 160

 If your mark is  40 – 60

  • Others says the willpower is your greatest quality.
  • You will be a struggling person in  life.
  •  If  you fail for the smallest things, it won’t go away. You have to try it  again and again and you will be the people who are trying to succeed.

 70 – 100marks

  • Others will say you are very brave .

110 – 130marks

  • The others have told you, is that your look.You have  good eyes, good ears, good nose, good hairstyle, good shape, good dressing, your cuteness is the people see as your good quality. 
  • Whoever says this,he knows it .But it will not be accepted 

140 – 160marks

  • Self confidence is their  best quality. 
  • If they get any job ,they will do it .
  • People always says that his confidence is fine .

Which one of these will you.??

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