You can earn upto  Rs 30000 /month through  part time job 


      Most people lost their jobs because of covid 19.It is useful for such people. There are  many children in our country who are struggling without money to study. But there are a lot of children who worked park time job with their studies in  foreign countries.

       In our country there are very few children who work with education. Most of the children study by taking loans and so on.But working with study is a very useful thing.

      We can earn extra pocket money from part time can start affording luxuries like picnic with friends, can learn to manage tend to become more cautious about how you spend your hard earned cash.

        It can helps you gain skills .you can learn how to work as part of a team. Part time job helps you come out of your she and growing your confidence.It helps to increase interpersonal skills.It helps to learn how to talk to a variety of people from different  walks of life.

         You can learn to manage your time. It improves  your management will get new friends. By working  part-time  jobs, students can acquire a healthy sense of competition.  It helps the students  to know the importance  of good balance between schoolwork and part tie jobs.

        It helps to maintain their personal needs.we will get a fixed amount from it. We can see a genuine companies information.   We can work online. It is an educational  sector company.  It has a branch  company  in India.

        We can help plus two to degree students. We should answer their questions.  We will get Rs 150 /questions. It is very difficult to register  it. We should expert in business studies,economics, accountancy,statistics, languages, etc.we should select subject. Pan card is necessary for registration.  After 18 years you can register.

           Enter personal  details. Enter pan number. Enter your subject. They ask some questions.  It is a quality test. You should answer 10 questions.If you score 80 % mark,  You will  get membership. It is a professional  company. Every students  can learn Rs 30,000 monthly.

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