You can earn Rs 25000 per month 

        The lockdown has been extended again. For the next 20 days, peoples are back at home. A lot of people have asked  if I could make some income at home . The problem though that most non- native websites don’t introduced them . If you do a Google search ,you will find a lot of websites are called money making . Most are fake websites . Many people give cash and get scammed.

       If you have a really nice mobile phone or camera and you know how to capture photo pretty good, if you have a photo of it in your gallery right now, we can sell that photo . You can sell it and buy good cash. A  photo can fetch 0.25 dollar to 1 dollar.A dollar is more than Rs 70. A photo can fetch between Rs 30 to Rs 50. If you upload daily hundred photos, you can earn a good income in a month.

      We can do this using our phone or computer. Capture variety photos like animals sceneries, forests  Outback sights,town, buildings, we can capture and upload and make cash . 

       We must have an idea of how we will get the cash. If you want to put a picture on the back when taking our  photo, we search the Google and take a photo and put it behind. We are a corporate world, that buys accurate images and videos. These shutterstock and Adobe stock websites are for sale to people who are buying. We can buy it too. The price can be increased or decreased depending on the quality of each photo .

        We get 20 – 30 % of It. Company take  40%. if we want a photo like that we can download these sites. We can upload all the photos we have. As soon as you see this video, don’t upload a  photo just because you think you can upload some of it . Regarding online income, I have to say it’s important . YouTube is a good source of income. We get a much needed amount from It. If you start a YouTube tomorrow, to think you will earn income from YouTube, but you will not get any income . It needs 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing. You have to put in new videos and create views .

    Many people have made in new channel but 6 months or one year after that, Income is not coming similarly just like any online income,so is it. 

  • For the photo we take,  there must be a minimum quality.
  • A Photo should have at least 4 Mb size 
  • Photo must be in JPG format .
  • Must be taken in good camera .
  • Must be  good variety.
  •  If  you upload a hundred photos ,you should look at their acceptance.
  • Upon hundred uploads , 80 will be rejected and only 20 will be accepted.
  • So if they want to accept 200, we have to upload thousand.
  •  Keep uploading constantly.
  •  If uploaded to different sites, they will be verified and displayed the amount.
  • Once the minimum  is $25, we can withdraw it .

Two sites are introduced today .


  • Type the shutter stock in  Google .
  • Click and  login to the shutter stock.
  • Change the language .
  • Click the sign up.
  •  enter the Email and password.
  •  Login the site.
  •  Click the get started .
  • Verify the email.
  • Upload the details.
  •  we will get a verification code to email .
  • Tick and verify the code.
  • Activate the account .
  • Enter the details ,country.
  • The first thing they ask is to upload the photo we have.
  • Click the upload image and Browse .
  • Select the photos and upload .
  • Wait for verification.
  • Give the tags,search value, category ,brief description .
  • Submit it.
  •  It  should be under pending .
  • verification can take upto 10 days.
  •  We can upload all the photos we get.
  • After they have been approved ,they will be shown on the amount in the website .
  • If you look at the right corner, you can see how many amount.
  • If the minimum is $25 ,we can withdraw to the bank account.

2) Adobe

  •  This is a trustworthy site . This website itself is  for buying and selling photos at a price. This website is likely to be able to accept your photos and is more likely to be rejected.
  • They only buy  maximum quality photos. But it has  more amount. A photo of $1 but if we upload a few photos, they will be accepted .
  • Search the Adobe Stock.
  •  Enter email ,password.
  • Click  email verification link.
  • Click the email and verify.
  • Enter the password and login .
  • Email has been verified.
  •  They first ask to upload the photo.
  •  Just go to the photo and   drag it there.
  • Or you can browse and do as you did in the other.
  • Quickly here,no photos will be accepted.
  • Information will be given after their processing.
  • Daily check.
  • We can see the earnings and withdraw.

          Now everyone has a smartphone. Where you go with that smartphone, take a photo to see a good scenery, you can login to this website from your mobile phone, upload the photos. Only if we work for 10 days /40 days, we will get the money and then we have to work. Do this work as a serious. This is one of the best work for those who love camera and photography.

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