You can buy 1000 square feet branded tiles at Rs 37,000

       Tiles are thin, square,covering manufactured from Ceramic, stone ,metal, baked clay, etc.It is generally fixed in place to cover roofs, floors,walls ,etc.It can range from simple square tiles to mosaics. Floor tiles are commonly  made with ceramic  or stones . Ceramic  tiles may be painted and glazed. Natural tiles can be beautiful, but they are less uniform in color and patterns.

      Mass produced stone tiles are uniform  in length and width. Some stone tiles are very slippery when wet. Riven surface stone tiles will be more slip resistant. The hardness of natural  stone tiles varies .Tiles are used for flooring in kitchen ,bathrooms, parking areas,roof tops,tabletops .Tiles are mostly preferred nowadays  compared  to granite .Tiles are mostly stain and scratch  resistant. It needs low maintenance, is easy to install, don’t fade when exposed to sunlight. 

       Ceramic  tiles are the most common type of tiling used for flooring. It is made with silica and clay made at high temperatures. Ceramic tiles come with good styles and different  colors compared  to quarrel tiles. Porcelain tiles are made by using grained clay at higher temperatures.  These tiles are stronger, denser, and absorb moisture . These tiles are costlier than ceramic  tiles.

       Vitrified tiles are made by vitrification .It contains silica and clay materials.  These tiles are harder than ceramic  tiles. It has a low water absorption rate. Glass tiles are made using glass .It is mostly used for decorating walls in the living  room. It is mostly  used in hotels,palaces, commercial  complexes,etc.these tiles are stain free. Digital tiles are also available.  These tiles are used to print high resolution images on glazed tile surfaces.

       You should  choose the tiles according  to lifestyle,needs, budget.colorful flooring  provides a rich appearance. You should select branded tiles. It protects the surface areas of your home. It creates an atmosphere which adds the look and feel of living space. Tiles are water resistant  materials. Tiles resist dirt,stain, wear more effectively than carpet. Tiles are eco friendly. Tiles won’t contribute to spread of airborne pathogenesis,which results in superior air quality. 

      We can see a place where we get tiles at low prices. It is in Alpha tiles and granites, mararithottam, karunagappally. We can select  this place to buy tiles when we want to build a low budget  house. You can buy tiles at Rs 37,000 for full flooring,  kitchen, bathroom. You can buy tiles for 1000 square feet at Rs 37000.

        You can see a huge collection  of tiles. The Rs 37,000 offer  includes  1000 square feet tiles. It has 4×2 tiles,GVT,nano,kitchen walls,galaxy cut pieces,bathroom wall tiles,etc. These are branded, quality ,digital, mat finished  materials.  

        Digital 4×2 tiles are available  here. It is 1.2× 600 tiles. Lot of collections are available.  These are digital  high glossy  materials. It includes somania, cuton, elica brands.non brands are also available.  It starts at Rs 45. Big size tiles are available. These are 1200×2400 sizes. These are joint free materials.  Book match series tiles are available. We will get a design using 4 tiles. It has Rs 68 .800×800 size tiles are available. Double charge tiles are available  here.

        Digital branded white series are available. Branded Full body materials are available.  It has Rs 89.white and black mat finish glossy materials  are available. We can use it on floors and  kitchen walls .We will get it for Rs 90.wooden finish  tiles are available. We can  use it in bathroom walls . It has Rs 65.wash basin tiles, countertop tiles are available.

      Somania single piece closets are available. 3D effects bathroom walls are available. These are 2×1 size materials. Steel breeds  are attached  to it. It has Rs 60.cladding stones are available.  It has Rs is vitrified tiles. 4×2 digital  tiles are available.  2×2mar finished branded  materials  are available. 

        Somnia 2×2 ivory tiles cost Rs 39.80×80 double charge tiles cost Rs 50. Different  designs of tiles are here. A lot of collections  of 8080 are available.  Full body nano white materials  are available  .It has Rs 220. Varieties  of branded kitchen floors are available.  It has Rs 38. Wooden finished kitchen floors are here. Huge collection  of cladding stones are available. 

       We can see a studio of somania here. We can see a lot of bathroom  designs here. It helps us to make a bathroom design  easily. These all are Rs 35 to used mat finished tiles are available.  It has Rs 98. You should lay with epoxy. Staircase tiles are available  at Rs 100.these are gripped materials.

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