WPC doors and windows  frames-  benefits 


      WPC is a Composite material made of wood fiber or wood flour and thermoplastic such as poly lactic acid ,polypropylene ,polythene and polyvinyl chloride. WPC means wood plastic composites. It also contains other ligno cellulosic materials. It is a subset of a larger category of material such as Natural fibre plastic composites. It contains no cellulose based fibre fillers like bamboo, straw ,peanut hulls, coffee husk, pulp fibres etc. 

       WPC are new materials relative to the long history of natural lumber as a building material. In North America it is usually used for railing,fences, landscaping Timbers, Park benches, cladding and sliding ,molding and trim. WPC materials are environmentally friendly and require less maintenance. It can be molded with or without simulated wood grain.

     It is highly resistant to rot, decay,Marine Borer attack, etc. It absorbs water into the wood fibres embedded within the material. It has good work ability. It is a sustainable material because it can be made using recycled plastic and waste products of the wood industry. It can be recycled easily in a new WPC. It has the ability to be molded to meet any desired shape.

      It can be bent and fixed to form strong curves. It has a lack of need for paint. It is manufactured in a variety of colours. It is mostly similar to neat polymers. Neat Polymers are polymerised without added solvents. WPC materials have lower strength and stiffness than wood. WPC materials have  more versatility, strength, and it is extremely carpenter friendly material.

Benefits of WPC materials 

  • Affordable cost
  • Light weight 
  • Durable Easy to maintain 
  • Cutting, drilling, finishing, nailing,with standard carpentry tools.
  • Customized with print and texture. 
  • Doesn’t require surface coating
  • Antibacterial 
  • Antiwarping
  • Non corrosive 
  • Environment friendly 
  • Rot resistant 
  • Moisture proof
  • WPC materials has more versatility in terms of density
  • It does not require additional reinforcement.
  • It has more strength
  • It is UV resistant and weather proof material.
  • It does not shrink or expand in different seasons.
  • You can use it in a variety of interior or exterior spaces.
  • WPC boards have assured quality.
  • It does not have cracks.
  • It is resistant to fire. 

       It is available in two types. Profile and board. profile means it has a shape. You will get an 8 inch length and 4 inch width board of WBC.It has 12mm, 18mm,6mm thickness. It is tekno WPC material. WPC door frames and window frames are available.  You can use teak doors in these frames. You can fix wooden shutters to it. You can use WPC works in living and dining areas. You should  check the density of this material  before buying it.

      0.95 is a high density of WPC material. You will get high strength from it. It has a high screw holding capacity. You can also install  it after the construction of a house. You can use WPC to make hand rails. You can weld grills into the WPC material. You can screw it to the walls easily. You can use WPC for paneling on the roofs. You can use it in kitchen cupboards. You can use it in a very feasible way. 

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