Women can get an interest free loan up to Rs 50,000

        We get a lot of benefits from the central government and the state government. But today I want to share with you about a benefit that women gets. The assistance is upto Rs 50,000 – Rs 1lakh. This assistance is also provided through a special scheme called Sharanya. This scheme was implemented by the state government in Kerala during 2010 -11.

      It is a new self employment scheme for backward and segregated women.Women who are eligible to apply for this scheme  is widows,wife of bedridden patients, women who are legally divorced, unwedded mothers of scheduled tribe ,differently abled,those who have been abandoned by their husbands.

         This help is given to those who have it so that they can start  small businesses.This benefit is available to women who are registered with the employment exchange. 

Age limit

18 – 55 years

Un married applicants must be over 30 yrs.

                 This assistance is provided through the employment exchange. 50 % of the amount is received as subsidy. This amount is available as an interest free loan. To repay this amount  with in five years.

         Applicants  for this benefit should have an annual income of less than Rs 1,00,000.We can buy the application form from the employment exchange.

         Upto Rs 1 lakh can be available through this benefit. For benefits up to Rs 1 lakh ,3% interest will be charged. But for amounts up to RS 50,000 ,no interest is charged. Also we get 50 % subsidy .


Application form

Income certificate 

Caste certificate 

Project report

Marriage related documents 

Ration card 

Identify card

             Professionals,ITI,ITC ,who have certificate of performance is also applied for this scheme.

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