Withdrew the distribution list  of Rs 1000 for BPL ration card  holders

           The ration cards  specially determined by our state government pay Rs 1000 each .In the time of covid-19, our state government has provided a wide range of benefits to people across the state and in various occupations. Based on the fact that there are a lot of eligible people in our state who do not get such benefits , in the end,a special package was created funding for this will be from the chief Minister’s relief fund.But the list was withdrew.

         About 147 crore rupees has been set aside by our state government for the special package . Due to some technical errors the list was withdrew.Approximately, the eligible beneficiaries are  31 lakh ration cards in priority categories(AAY,BPL).Since Aadhar is linked to ration cards,using the Aadhaar number it is possible to know who is receiving pensions and exclude such people. but today the government published list was withdrew .

                 In that case, around 37 lakh beneficiaries to be eligible for this benefit .Even so, they were sorted. In case of covid-19, our state government has reached out to arrears of pensions reached all people . To that end ,our state government set the standard, everyone who gets that social security pension is out of the scheme. 

          Similarly in the time of covid-19, there are those who have applied for and received welfare fund benefits. Such people, too are now is out from this scheme. Similarly there are people who receive welfare pensions  from various welfare funds. Also excluding such people .Of all the ration card holders in the remaining priority category, most people receive if any of the social security pensions. No any other applications has to be filled in for this benefit, the amount does not reach the bank accounts . 

                       The money is being channelled  through cooperative banks. The money will be delivered directly to your houses. We can download copies of the affidavit through Akshaya Centres. Advertisements were published in the newspapers on May 12 and 13. Inside It has a official form of affidavit.You just have to cut it and fill it up. We need to fill out these forms . So that the government can see,  if the money is in the hands of the eligible people and thereafter ,if the government plans to offer any benefits in the future, you can reissue without any paper work .

                  The list of beneficiaries has been published by our state government. You can know it through ration shops or through the concerned local bodies. It is only those people who have to fill the affidavit. There are a lot of technical problems. There were not the  names in the list, a lot of people who deserve it. with so many problems, as they were at the beginning, were that the government was withdrew the order.

       This may be a temporary withdrawal . The  affidavit does not need to be filled because the government withdrew it. Do not rush into ration dealers and check the list of ration shops. we can wait till the new list is published. our state government has not withdrew this scheme , published list is  withdrew. In the list ,we would like to see more people come from the priority category . Please share this information to others.

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