Wholesale textile shop quality dresses  at low rates 

      Dress is very important for all human beings. It provides warmth and protection to our body. It gives an identity. Clothes feel better .High quality dresses provide more confidence  to us, people spend a lot of money to buy clothes. There are a lot of benefits to buying cheap clothes .Spending less money on anything is good for economic  health.we can see a place where we get quality  dresses at low cost. We can buy dresses for men and women. It is in IVAS GARMENTS.Near Jiminy complex,kulakkada ,enathu,kollam. 

     You  can buy shirts from Rs 250,Kurta starting from Rs 150,Ladies top at Rs 69, Rajasthan Northern model at low cost. You  can buy nighties at Rs 165.we can buy dresses wholesale from here.we can buy and resell these dresses. We can purchase at small rates from here. 

    We can buy shirts at Rs 250 to Rs 550.All materials are branded. Kurt’s price starts at Rs 150 to Rs 650.All new models materials  are available  here.we can buy all trending models from here.Jeans are starting  from Rs 450 to RS 770. 

       Leggings,ladies T shirts  are also available  here. Full trending shirts are available  here. All size shirts are available here.we can buy linen shirts from here. Quality  materials are here. We can buy cotton shirts here. You should purchase dresses totaling  Rs 10,000 . French America shirts are available.  .

      You can buy different  types of Kurt’s here.party wears are also available. We can buy dresses wholesalers only. Plain items are available. Hand embroidery  materials  are available. Chiffon,viscose, reyon ,linen ,and georgette  clothes are available. 

       We can buy cotton pants and jeans from here. We will get a variety of jeans. Materials and stitching are guaranteed. Lightweight and heavy cloth jeans are available.you can buy a variety of cotton pants from here.these are exported items.we will get branded cotton shorts from here. Shorts are also different types. 

       T-shirts start from at Rs 350. These are branded items. We can buy night wear,ladies t shirts,etc. These start from Rs 65. We will get Pallas pants, courier bottom. Leggins are starting from Rs 75.These items are from Tirupur. We can buy RS 550 / Kg from here.

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