Who gets Rs 1,000, the list will be published on Monday

                  Currently we have got the latest information about covid 19 in the state, Rs 1,000 distributed to various ration card holders in the state . The results which had been withdrawn due to technical difficulties are now being published. Results will be available from Monday . Beginning on the may 20th the cooperative bank officers will be present money to the address stated on the ration cards. Prior to that,  after verifying the name on the list, the named person should fill in the affidavit.

      The  affidavits published in the newspapers on May 12 and 13 must be filled out. For those who could not cut the affidavit from the newspaper, visit the Akshaya centres/janaseva centres to print the affidavit. Then fill up and reserve the bank account details and aadhar number. For all the other projects of the government wants to distribute the benefits, they need to get the benefits from this current collection of data. That is why, you have to give an affidavit. Of the four existing ration cards, only two ration cards are eligible for this benefit. Of 31 lakh people, those who have received social security pensions or any other benefits announced by State during this lockdown, they have been excluded. 

          To that  end, institutions include National Informatics Centre, after comparing the aadhar  linked ration card ,shifted other beneficiaries out of this scheme. The total number of beneficiaries will be 14 lakhs out of 31 lakhs. The latest updated list will be published on Monday. You can check whether your name is on the list, through the respective ration shops or through the concerned municipality or Panchayath. Only those named should fill the affidavit. The Cooperative Bank officials will come to the address ,provided on the ration cards. The beneficiaries will be BPL and AAYcard holders in the state.please share this information to others. 

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