What we should  do if we lost adharam

     Today I would like to inform you about what we should do if we lose adharam. Adharam is a document written  by an authorized  licensee in a stamp paper. It includes the value of land, registered in the registrar office. It includes boundaries, areas,and sketches about the land. 

      It is the original  record about the ownership. After completing the survey,every piece of land owned by a person allotted  with survey number.  Adharam is an important  document.  Today  I would like to inform you about what we should do If we lose adharam.

      At the office of the registrar at which we have registered the adharam, there will be a copy of this adharam. Submit the application to that register office. When submitting the application we have to provide Number of adharam,date of registration,done person and supporting  person.

        If the application is for the underlying basis (keezh adharam),a number will appear on the top of the Aadharam, just give it. However if the application is submitted to the mel adharam  an application for encumbrance Certificate is required to obtain it.  We can apply for a sub registrar  office online. We will get the number of adharam.

       Similarly give a complaint at the police station.

Submit the application  for the copy of  lost adharam. Advertisements in the newspaper to show that the aadharam is missing. We should keep this advertisement  copy, copy of adharam.

     We can correct the mistakes in  Aadharam. It will be based on the errors in the aadharam, the amount you spend on it and how long it will take.

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