What to do if a mobile  phone falls in to the water


       Today I would  like to inform you about what to do if a mobile phone falls into the water.Now every person has mobile phones. Its usage is on the rise . Mobile phones  are very important.  It allows contact with others and it stores data. 

      It enables carrying our files around  where you go. It provides and facilitates communication  with our friends, relatives,  and others. It is the most valuable  one in today’s world. It is needed for every  category of people.

 We can use mobile phones especially  in emergency  times. It has entertainment  features  also. It has varying  applications.  People world wide carry mobile phones,  some  mobile phones have panic buttons  and GPS tracking devices. It offers security.  It allows  conference  calls .

Sometimes your mobile phone dropped into the water.  That time you should turn off your mobile phone.   Wipe your phone off and tap it. There is a chance that you accidentally damage your smartphone with water. I would like to share with you some tips in case your smartphone dips into the water.

   Do not use a hair dryer. It can damage electronic components in the phone. Avoid placing your smartphone near radiators or hot objects. Do not try to plug it in.It may cause a short circuit and will further damage it. 

       Wipe  the smartphone with a cloth thoroughly  and shake it.It helps to extra water is drained out. wrap it in paper tissues. Unplug the accessories  and remove the sim card.

      Shut the smart phone in an air tight box with moisture  absorbing sachets. Otherwise put the smartphone in a bag full of rice for 2 days.  Put the smartphone  in sunlight  to dry. Back up all your data. 

     In the night time, we can’t go to the technician.  So  these tips are helpful  to us. 

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