What is saura Solar subsidy 2020

          Today I am going to be said is a relief for those who are eyeing the  draft bill of KSEB . Emergency measures are underway from the side of KSEB. One of the biggest benefits is coming to us  from KSEB.

             We have about 30% of our electricity from KSEB. The remaining 70% of electricity is purchased from other states . In the context of this , the state government has formulated a solar project. KSEB’s solar project is getting huge  support. It’s early stages are nearing completion . There are three major companies have now come up with a Solar project . The first phases have been implemented in 3 ways. About 2,75,000 beneficiaries join the scheme . Among them, special inspections of KSEB that is roof  equality and oblique surfaces will be examined in detail. There are 42500 selected beneficiaries now in the initial phase.

         The state government has spend the Rs 220 crore for the first phase. phase 2  has already begun. Application for solar subsidy scheme have now been invited by the government or KSEB of the 4 schemes. It is the most suitable scheme for the common man and the people who use electricity more. 

           There are people who spend 400 units every 2 months, KSEB may also contribute to 50 percentage of the electricity generated by our homes. The cost of settings up a kilowatt plant would be Rs 13,500. The plant will cost around Rs 54,000. The beneficiary has to pay 25% of that. The capacity of the plant ranges from 2 kilowatts to 3 kilowatts. The plant maintenance will be done by KSEB for 25 years .

             There is a scheme for domestic beneficiaries. The scheme is structured in such a way that the beneficiaries given a higher allocation which is called a model 2. The beneficiaries has to spend their Rs 32,400 to set up a kilowatt plant. The first kilowatt plant will cost around Rs 54,000.  The beneficiary has to pay 60 percentage of the cost of this scheme. The speciality of this is that the beneficiary can take the required power and supply the balance to KSEB . 

       model 1A

Next are 2 plans for 1A and 1B .This1A plan is a  project is based on domestic use. This 1A plan is for people and average usage of 120 units. To setting up a kilowatt  plan.The investment cost to the beneficiary is just 12 percentage. The beneficiary can take up to 25 percentage of the unit production. KSEB will be the maintenance for this for 25 years.

 plan 1 B

        The scheme benefits only those who are used upto 150 units of average.

 The beneficiary has to cover 20 percentage of the cost of the Solar Plant . You have to pay about RS 11,000. The beneficiary get 40 percentage of the unit output . The plant maintenance will be done by KSEB for 25 years.

        You can find out more details about this by contact the KSEB number which is available 24 hours a day. please share  this information to others .

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