What is endometriosis/ chocolate  cyst

          Today I want to share with you about an illness that affects girls from the age of eight. It is a stick form in  the fallopian tube, uterus ,ovaries and other intestines. It is called endometriosis/chocolate cyst. Now a days it  is one of the most common diseases in women . It is more common in people who get married late. It can also occur in people who have an earlier  period.

        People with this condition experience a lot of pain during periods. People with endometriosis are more likely to have  infertility. This will make the ovulation in the ovary worse because of the presence of the cyst. It can also cause sticks in the abdomen. It causes sticks of the fallopian tubes,the uterus ,ovaries and intestines. It may cause tubal blocks. This can cause interruption for  pregnancy.

        There are two main types of treatment. The first treatment is to prevent the endometriosis from developing by taking medication. Some people have  decrease in the size of this system while taking the drugs. But this may not change completely. Endometriosis does not develop while taking the drugs ,but it does appear to grow again when the drug is stopped.

         The second treatment is laparoscopic surgery. We can also remove the cyst with  laparoscopic surgery. It is also possible to remove the stick. It can reduce the pain when it comes to period. There is also the possibility of trying pregnancy.

        This endometriosis has the highest recurrence rate. After delay in becoming pregnant again ,it is possible for this endometriosis to happen again. If you do not get a pregnancy after laparoscopy, you may need to go back to IVF treatment.

      One of the most important ways to treat endometriosis is to get pregnant as soon as possible. The longer It stays,  more likely the ovary is to damaged.

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