What are the things  to buy when lock down the Kerala due to Corona

                Corona spreading all over the world. There are two ways we can effectively stop the spread of this disease. They are

  1.  Stay in your home and prevent spreading to the community.
  2.  Isolated the infected person.

 We need to be very careful at this time of lock down in Kerala too. We must stay in our home. The government will decide how many days to go out and buy the goods. we must abide by it. 

                          When we are home,  we have everything we need. It may not be possible to go outside and buy one.

            Here we are told what items we should keep in our home. We have never had a situation like this before.

  •  Make a list of what you want for a month.
  • Be careful to only buy one of these items. 
  • Don’t be too busy in the shop of choice. If there is a crowd in the shop,  wait until the crowd is out.
  • Skip selection of items,  selected only the packed items.
  • Before getting into the vehicle make sure your hands are sanitize.
  •  Use the mask.
  •  Wash your hands with soap and water before returning home and sanitize the hands.

 Things to consider when buying goods 

  • Purchase items that can be kept safe for longer.
  • Buy rice grains,  milk powder, dry fish,  nuts, dry fruits.
  • Purchase of fruits and vegetable for  a week.
  • Buy salt,  sugar, cleaning soaps,  oil, shampoo, paste, brush for a month. 

Disinfect the packets 

  • Mix 3 tablespoon of baking soda in 1 litre of water and Soaks  vegetable in the bucket and rinse with clean water. 
  • Plastic things( milk cover) soak in soap water 5 minutes and rinse with clear water. 
  • Mix 4 litre water with  5 tablespoon of bleaching powder and clean the house to prevent infection.
  • Mix 1 litre of water and 3 spoon of baking soda in a bucket and soak the clothes  5 minutes and wash with warm water. 

To check the petrol or diesel in your vehicle and check the tyres.

Keep cashes  in your hand. 

Stock one month medicines for Life Style patients. To see a doctor and Stoke painkillers,  the Medicines of fever, stomach diseases, allergy diseases, inhalers, sanitary pads, gas tablets etc. 

The lockdown change our lifestyle. so we do exercises and hobbies in our houses.

 Don’t stress or tensed because it will cause diseases.

 Keep relationship with family members through online medias.

 Lock the gate and stop the spread of the diseases.

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