What are the main symptoms of high cholesterol 

         Heart Attack is one of the most prevalent diseases during this period. The main cause of heart attack is high cholesterol. When cholesterol rises,   our body shows many symptoms. But often we do not understand that. 

              That is why we do not take treatment for it. But if we detect the symptoms of high cholesterol and  find a cure for it earlier, we can avoid heart attack. Today I want to share with you what is the cholesterol?  what are its symptoms. . But now a days everyone has high cholesterol regardless of age.

           Once cholesterol is increased,  it can affect the health of the heart. It can also increase the risk of heart attack. But cholesterol  is needed to produce the hormones that help our heart to function. 

              There are two main types of cholesterol in our body. Good cholesterol(HDL) and bad cholesterol(LDL). HDL is the cholesterol needed by the body. LDL is the cholesterol that is harmful to our body. When LDL cholesterol builds up in our body, our blood vessels become blocked and blood flow does not reach all areas. 

                       Gradually it can lead to heart disease. There are a few symptoms that our body predicts,  when the level of cholesterol in our body increases. Let’s see what are the symptoms.

  1. Chest pain   

           Chest pain is one of the main symptoms of high cholesterol. The chest pain is caused by the blood not reaching the heart  in the right amount. But the chest pain can be the cause of many diseases. Chest pain is caused by certain foods. But we can recognise it. But beware of chest pain that comes for no reason.

  1. Slightly flatten the arm or leg/ feel the freeze

            This is because the only right amount of oxygen does not reach our muscles. This is the first sign of high cholesterol in our body.

  1. Bad breath

                This is called halitosis. People with  high cholesterol experience bad breath. No matter how clean your mouth is,  you will still experience bad breath. This is due to the fact that our liver is unable to digest the excess cholesterol. This will cause the saliva in our mouth to decrease. That’s why the bad breath comes.

  1. Headache,  weakness, fatigue

           These are the symptoms of high cholesterol. Headaches can be caused by certain other ailments. High cholesterol is more likely to be caused by a headache, especially if it occurs for no Apparent reason. Often we do not care when it comes to headache and fatigue. But now onwards  take care if you have headache of fatigue without any reason.

  1. Some rashes on the body

        Itching and thickening in our body like allergies,  these are the symptoms of high cholesterol.

           If you have two or three of these symptoms,  it is important to have check the cholesterol level. Definitely need to see a doctor if LDL cholesterol is high.

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