Welfare fund mustering starting again

            We are all beneficiaries the benefits of the social security welfare fund. This is great news for such people . After the end of lockdown, our state government is starting mustering process again. According to budget now, for those who run the mustering  process, you have to increase the amount by Rs 100 and you get the basic amount of Rs 1300 each.

                    As  you all know ,the false news spreading on the social media earlier that the mustering will begin on june 10. It was said that the actual dates  would be announced after the lock down ended. It is on this basis that the state government has announced the dates for the free mustering through Akshaya. Thousands of state governments were given the opportunity to mustering until the end of November, December ,January and February.

          But for the variety of reasons ,network faults have resulted in many people being denied benefits. Nearly 7 million people are now  suffering from social security welfare fund incentives not performing in mustering process . Rs 1300 is the basic pension benefit. Then all these benefits are  pending. The state government has now announced a clear date we can do it for free through Akshaya centres.

            If  the mustering process goes through Akshaya Centres, if there is any error, you have the opportunity to obtain the the life certificate from the respective state government institutions and complete the mustering. Below are the dates for mustering. The dates for mustering are  up to 2020 June 29th – July 15 .

        Mustering is a process that it takes place annually to make the state government aware that  pensionable beneficiaries are still alive. Only those who have mustering will receive subsequent benefits. The state government has been able to save about Rs 700 crore as many people don’t do mustering. There are over 7 lakh eligible people. 

           If the bio metric system fails, those beneficiaries now have  the opportunity to obtain a life certificate from the local body or welfare fund board  in their respective regions from July 16 -july 22 . Thus life certificate can be obtained by completing mustering.

      People in areas designated as containment zones can complete the mustering within one week from the date of concession. People who have been mustering until February 15,2020 will no longer need to perform mustering. Please share this information to others.

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