We will get quality T shirts at Rs 30 

     Today I would like to inform you about a new business idea. Clothes are a very important thing in our life. So we can do business with cloth. It will be very profitable business for us.planning and preparation  are the main thing.  

    NObserve and analyze the market conditions.  Then find a place where you can get quality materials at a very affordable price.First find the money you need.Then complete  GST registration.  

   Today we can see a place where we get good quality materials at low cost. We will get quality T shirts from here. We can start business  with this materials. We will get all kinds of fabrics from here. Normal T shirts prices are Rs 140 -Rs 200. Quality T shirts will get Rs 200 -Rs 500.

         It is in Rayapuram,Tirupur. It is near the Tirupur railway station.We will get T shirts at  Rs 30.we can purchase it online. We will get all the materials  from here.

         We can see kids’ materials . We should buy atheist 25 – 50 pieces.we will get quality materials from here. We will get shorts, pants,t-shirts,etc.

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GM traders,600 meter from tirupur railway station,Rayapuram,Tirupur,Tamil nadu




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