We will get quality  dhotis at low cost


    Today I would like to introduce a place where we get quality dhotis(mundu) at low cost.Dhotis are one of the favourite roles for malayalees. In South Indian weddings,Dhoti is an important  part of men’s wear.

      Dhoti is an ethnic wear that men of almost all the age groups love to wear. But it is expensive. But we will get dhotis at low cost .We can start a business  also.

      It is in vari Textiles, Erode, Tami Nadu. We will get a variety  of dhotis from here. They will deliver at home. It is a wholesale textile shop. All materials  are cotton.They manufacture and sell dhotis at low cost.

     We can see  20 colours of dhoti from here.The  price of cotton dhoti is Rs 240.The price of polyester +cotton dhoti is Rs 220.  The price of kasavu dhoti is Rs 120-280.

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