We will get low cost used bikes and scooters in palakkad

     Today I would like to inform you about a place where we get low cost used bikes and scooters.  Two wheelers  are very important  in everyone’s life Because it saves the traffic  time. If we have to travel a short distance,  two wheelers are advisable. Buying two wheelers is inexpensive.  We can park easily.

      Mostly it is expensive.  But today I want to introduce  a place where  we get used two wheelers  at low cost. We will get many used scooters and bikes. We will get all types of bikes and scooters from here. It is in noorani,palakadu.

      We will get the AQ 2019 model ,17738km at Rs 74,000 from here. We will get a bullet 2013 model,25,550 km at Rs 68,000. 2019 model bullets  will get Rs 105000. Duke 200, 2013 model 48,000 km at Rs 72,000. Hero  HF deluxe 2019 model ,17,000km will get at Rs 43,000.

     We will get a Unicorn 160, 2015 model at Rs 34,000. Honda cb trigger  ,2015 model will get Rs 34,000. Pulsar 2020 model,10,000km will get Rs 92,000. Pulsar NS 200,2017 model  will get Rs 72,000.

      We will get a Fasano, 2019 model , 15000 km, at Rs 54,0000. We will get Honda, 2019 5G model,6000 km atRs 68,000.

     We will get many types of scooters and bikes from here.  We will get access,2020 model  5000km, at Rs 78,000. We will get Honda duo 2019 model, 8000km at Rs 68,000.

    We will get Tvs excel 100, 2018 model at Rs 32,000.  They will give an engine warranty.we will get Duo BS4 , 2018 model, 7000km at Rs 54,000.

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