We will get all solar materials,solar water pump  at low cost

      Today I would like to inform you about a solar water pump. We can use solar energy  to operate motor pumps. In many countries ,solar water pumps are used. It will help to reduce electricity bills. Mainly solar water pumps are used in agricultural  fields.  It helps agricultural  development. 

       It operates  on a power -generated solar system.  It converts solar energy into electricity.we can take water from well,stream,pond etc. It has good efficiency. We can use these pumps for residential, commercial, agricultural  uses.

           We will get this solar motor from malappuram,tirur.This is a motor that is set inside the well. We can also change all wiring on DC.We will get a DC iron box, fan. We an alo change the compressor of ac,refrigerator.we will get solar lights at Rs 2000. We will get 20 – 80 watt solar street lights  from here.

      We will get a solar inverter at Rs 15999.we will get a solar water heater from here at 13999. It has a 5 year warranty. We will get all types of batteries from here.We will get a solar water pump  at Rs 25,000.

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