We will get all electrical equipments, home appliances, furnitures at very low cost

      Today I Would like to inform you about a place where we get air conditioners, refrigerators  and washing machines,home appliances, and furniture at low cost.  Normally these electronic  equipment are very expensive.  But these are very essential  for our life. 

     We will get quality material from here.  We  get a 5 year warranty  for all equipment.  We will get branded companies materials from here. All materials available  at lower price than the online price. 

      We will get a whirlpool company 9.5 kg  washing machine  from here. Its price is Rs 14,000. Semi automatic  whirlpool washing machine 6.5 kg price is Rs 9500. All materials will get company guarantees.  

          We will get  new materials from here. The whirlpool  200 liter refrigerator with inverter  price is  Rs 10,000. Double door fridge 340 liter  price is Rs 16,000. Triple  door refrigerator  price is Rs 19,000.

     Samsung micro oven price is Rs 4800. We can’t get door delivery from here.  We will get television  from here. The price of Mi TV 50 inch is Rs 26,000. LG TV price 43 inches  is Rs 23,000.

        We will get branded beds, sofas from here. We can wash these beds. Its price is Rs 7500. We will get king size bed parts from here. Its price is Rs 13,000. We will get dining tables from here.  6  chairs dining  table at Rs 10,000. We will get air conditioners  for Rs 31,000.

       We will get home appliances from here. We get 5liter,3 liter,2 liter cookers at Rs 1600. We will get a 2 liter table top grinder at Rs 2500.

Arifa traders

BLHK 4 B M.S Nagar

Kurichi pirivu 






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