We gets a pension of Rs 10,000 through Kerala farmers welfare fund

        The central government provide Rs 6000 through the Kisan Samman fund. But this is the happiest news for all of us. But now today I would like to share with you about the benefits  available to over 50 lakh farmers through the kerala farmers welfare fund. 

        This benefit is available to those who are registered  with krishi bhavan and to farmers in the areas of animal husbandry and Fisheries. This is the first time a state has launched such a scheme.

        The pension will be around Rs 10,000. Recipients of other welfare pensions cannot apply for this benefit. Not only those with the agricultural land are considered in this scheme.

Age limit

18- 55 yrs


  • Gardens,nursery,Silk cultivation,goat rabbit,duck ,hen,cattles farms are also included in this scheme.
  • Women and youth can become members of this scheme.
  • Annual income less than Rs  5 lakh.
  • Must own  at least five cents space.
  • Land should not exceed15 acres.
  • must have 3 years of experience

            This pension is available from the age of 60  years.The registration fees to apply this scheme is Rs 100. We have to pay the monthly dividend. The state government will pay an amount commensurate  with what we pay . The state government will also pay a maximum of Rs 250 for us.

          The daughters of its members are getting marriage assistance,educational assistance. Members of this scheme are entitled to special insurance coverage. We must be members of an insurance policy prescribed by the government.

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