We get Rs 3000/ month after 60 years of age

        We get many benefits from central and state governments. Today I would like to inform you about a central government scheme. Kisan mandhan Yojana is a initiative of our central government to help small farmers.We can apply through website of  Kisan Mandhan yojana.

       Under this scheme the farmers get Rs 3000 per month. If the farmer dies, the spouse gets half of it as a  family pension. Government, semi government ,professionals cannot apply for this scheme.We can apply through akshaya centers


Bank passbook

Adhar card

Registered mobile number.

Ration card 

Tax paid copy


18-40 yrs

            We get Rs 3000 / month after 60 yrs of age. An 18 years old can join the scheme by paying Rs 55 per month. The amount to be paid varies  with each age. This benefit is available to farmers with less than 2 acres of land. Recipients of other Central Government pension schemes cannot apply for this scheme.we get this benefit within 5 days.

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