We get relief from back pain and joint pain within 2 minutes 

      Today I would like to inform you about a place where we get rapid cure from back pain and joint pain. Back pain and joint pain  is something that everyone has regardless of age. Back pain is the pain in the back. It is caused due to working out or lifting too much,prolonged  sitting, sleeping in an uncomfortable position. 

    We can feel a burning sensation in the back.This pain may radiate to our legs. Main cause of back pain is lumbar strain,nerve irritation and bony encroachment. Sometimes back pain due to kidney disease, pregnancy,ovary problem,tumor.

        We can use cold packs,heat applications, analgesic balms,avoiding reinjury,avoiding reinjury to get relief from back pain.

     Joint pain is the physical discomfort  and pain in the joints. It may be caused due to heavy physical activity, sprains and strains,osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis. 

      Exercise regularly  helps to decrease joint pain. Use cold and hot therapy.  Manage weight. Take a healthy diet.

      Today I would like to introduce a place where we get rapid cure from joint and back pain. We will get a complete  cure within 2 minutes.It is in sree swami vaidya kulam, perumbavoor.Those who do not take surgery,will be cured quickly. Marma treatment is done here.

         It will give temporary  relief. Then give another medicines with it. They provides free treatment to the financially backward people. We get sudden relief from back pain and joint pain.

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