We can whitening our face with  vitamin E capsule

      Today I would like to introduce the importance of vitamin E capsule.It is an important vitamin. It is antioxidant capsule. It is found in many foods like eggs,fruits, vegetables, etc. Intake of vitamin E reduces alzheimer’s disease.  It decreases the menstrual pain and blood loss.

      It is improves the kidney function.  It has also anti inflammatory properties. Never take this capsule more than 1000mg. It improves hair growth. It cleanses our skin. We can add vitamin E capsule with lemon juice and apply to the face ,it helps to whiten the skin. It improves immune system. 

        Today I would like to introduce vitamin  E oil. We can apply this oil directly to the face.It moisturize our skin. It helps to smooth skin. It reduces hyper pigmentation of the skin.

     We can take  vitamin E capsule and rose water.we can use rose water as a toner.wash the face thoroughly. Take oil from two vitamin E capsule. Apply to the face. After 15 minutes, wash the face with normal water. Then take rose water and apply to the face with cotton.  After 2 minutes, again apply vitamin E capsule oil to the face.  It helps to whiten our face well.

     It is very effective  remedy. It helps to reduce the black spots from the face.

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