Starting  a business  is very difficult. The amount  of money, time,risks,profit,all depends  on the business  idea.  We can start a business in many ways. Low investment  businesses  are very demanding. Because it is a great entry point for beginners. It needs a business idea,investment, marketing, etc. You will learn how to advertise your business  correctly,time management, team management,hard work  etc.you should be confident to implement  the skills you possess and manage  to overcome  challenges. Everyone has not able to fulfill the dream of starting  a business,due to financial  difficulties. You can now start your own business. 

      We can see some practical  small businesses.  We need an initial cost and marketing  cost. These two things are very important.  We can see some businesses  start with a minimum Rs 1 lakhs. These are profitable  businesses. First we can see the business of used items. Sometimes it includes furniture,household appliances, etc.

        Most of the people change the furniture and other household appliances with small cracks or change in the models. It reduces its value. There are a lot of such items in many homes. They can be made beautiful with even a small change.we can select these things for business. You  can collect  these things and start an online store. You can refurbished and increase its value and you can sell these things. You will get a huge profit  from this business. You  can do continuous digital marketing. You can select  free online classifieds platforms for marketing.  You can generate a good sales volume 

      Second hand market place is filled with people’s minds to get the benefits for the things at medium cost.Many individuals  are willing to take  a chance to buy it. It increases the lifespan and reuse of products. 

       Next is the snack business. You can make tasty ,fresh foods.  You will get a very high opportunity.  You should  make a branded simple snack . It doesn’t need large investments.  You can market  it with food groups  on social media.Try to make a unique taste to it. This business  needs Rs 1 lakhs. It needs our efforts. 

        We can start a business  with organized farming. We will get a large margin. We can operate  it with your own outlet. We will get seeds from krishi bhavan as a subsidy. Organized vegetables have high demand.  We will get good profit from this business. Everyone depends on quality  products. 

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