We can start an ayurvedic  medical store 

    Today I would like to inform you about a business, You can start an ayurveda medical store. Many people lost their jobs due to covid 19.Now it is mostly pravasi have lost their jobs. But today we are introducing you to a business that you can start. 

            You do not need to spend money for this business.You  can start an ayurvedic medical store .These medical stores which were started as various branches ,are owned by ashtavaidyan thaikkattu moose vaidyaraj. It has 600 branches.The main medical store is in thrissur.  It is a very famous and large medical store.

           For this business we need a room. We can earn easily from this business.  This company will supply medicines up to Rs20,000 to Rs  50,000. They will help to get license. And also you will get an ayurvedic doctor’s help.We will get profit above Rs 30,000 from this business.

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