We can start a slipper manufacturing business at low investment 

      Today I would like to inform you about a new business. A lot of people have now lost their jobs because of covid-19. They are suffering a lot. In this situation where the prices of all things are going up there is a lot of financial difficulties. Today I want to share with you about a business. We can start a shoe manufacturing business with low investment. Everyone wants to start a good business with very little investment.

    When we start a business we should always start with the materials that are most in demand in the market. If we do it will give us a good profit. Now we start a slipper manufacturing unit.we can start this business with a hydraulic machine. Mainly three machines are used for this purpose.

      They are manual,semi automatic, hydraulic machines. Now we can start this business with a mini hydraulic machine. The price of this machine is Rs from Rs 50,000. We get materials  like chappel sole sheets. We cut the sheets in the shapes of slippers using dye. . And make a hole in the slippers. We can correct the mistakes in the cuttings. 

     Then put the straps in to the holes. Then we can screen print the slippers. It is very useful idea. Hydraulic machine is good for this business. We will get a good profit from this business.

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