Today I would like to inform you about how to make a profit from eggs. Now many people lost their jobs due to covid 19. Most of them started businesses.  Business is an organization engaged in any of the activities.  We can make good profit from it. In a business first one is to find a good business idea. It requires lot of time,work and money.  But now I want to introduce a business. We can make good profit from it. 

     It don’t need a lot of funding. It need an interest,passion . We are all know about the business of hen. Todaywe can see the business of eggs. The price of one egg is Rs 6. If we have 100 hens , we will get 85 eggs. If we sell 85 eggs at Rs 6 , we will get only Rs 510. It is not a profitable business. But we can be make it to a profitable business.

      We can be sell these eggs to the hatcher center to hatch eggs. We will bet Rs 26/ one chicken hatcher charge is Rs 6. We will get the profit Rs 20. If we hatch 50chickens, we will get Rs 1000/day. We will get Rs 30,000/ month. 

     It’s  a good profitable business.  Give nutritious foods to hen. Select good quality hens  we can select gramasree kairali chicken.Its eggs are very tasty.Give vaccines and worm infestation  tablets.It is a variety business. 

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