We can start a mini supermarket within 1 week

        Today I would like to introduce a business to you. There is a situation now where  a lot of people are losing their jobs because of covid 19.Many expatriates who work abroad have now lost their jobs.Today I would like to share with you about a small business that such people can start.

     This is a business that starts with low investment. It is essential to have an under standing of it before starting a business. The most demanded items in the market should be select to start a business. 

        It is a mini grocery shop. If you want to start a mi I supermarket, you should not have any other supermarkets in the fly deal agencies pin code. They will give you a contact number. You can be contact them and check there is any fly deal supermarket.

        If you have membership in the fly feal agency, you can start this mini supermarket  very easily. We need 200 square feet room for this business.  It should be a painted shop.We should give Rs 1 lakh deposit to them. It is refundable . They will do all infra structures. We will give a internet facility system,weighing machine, thermal scanner, barcode reader.

       The maximum investment for this business is Ts 25,000. We will get the products from them.We will get 4% interest profit of monthly sale value and Rs 5000 for shop maintenance.  The company do the affiliated programs, advertisement,  etc. The rent of the room gives company directly. 

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