We can start a business and earn money  with quinoa

     Today I would like to inform you about a new business idea. We are all like business. A business  is an activity engaged in industrial, commercial or professional.  

     It is the way of making  money. It needs a lot of hard work,time, money and interest in  the field. Firstly  find a good business idea. We can make profit from one single product. 

     Today I would like to introduce a new business idea. It is a very rare idea.we can make a good profit from it. It’s also a healthy idea.we can start this business  at low cost. We can start this business  with Rs 10,000.

     It is a fresh food item. It is quinoa. It is a legume. We can sell it through health conscious  areas like yoga centers,hospitals,Jim’s,medical stores, Ayurveda medical  stores. We will get this from karnataka,  andhra pradesh,etc.It reduces weight.

     It prevents  cancer. It gives strength.  It controls  cholesterol, sugar.  It ensures a long life.  It is a nutrient content food. It contains zinc, calcium, vitamins, iron,fiber,protein, etc.

     We can make dosa,Idli, halwa,kichadi, Pongal, uppumavu, using this quinoa. We can give this item to children. Its price is Rs 40 -90. We can buy and sell this quinoa.

      We can earn from this product.we should take licence ,packing licence. We can roast and make powder and sell this product.

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