We can  save money from electricity  tariff 


     Today I would like to inform you about how to check the KSEB tariff.Electricity bill is a local utility  issued to a consumer for the electricity that their home consumes. Electricity tariff is the amount of money frame by the supplier for the supply of electricity to consumers.  It is the rate applicable  to used energy. 

     We can see how to calculate the energy  bill.In domestic consumers, they follow two types of tariffs. Telescopic  and non Telescopic. Telescopic tariff means  the monthly consumption  below 250. 

      If our total consumption of 2 months  are  500 units,We will  get an electricity  bill of Rs 2565. If our total consumption  of two months is 501 units, we are in non telescopic tariff.  It changes our electricity  bill totally. We will  get an electricity bill of Rs 2905.80.

       We can change these huge differences.  We can calculate the bill and avoid unnecessary uses of heavy machines. We can save money.

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