We can reduce our electricity bill through Soura solar subsidy scheme 

     Today I would like to inform you about a new information from KSEB.This scheme is called soura solar subsidy scheme.In this scheme, KSEB initiates a subsidy programm for domestic consumers.  KSEB introduce 3 special models. These are based on the average consumption of consumer.  This scheme gives financial support to consumers .

      They only pays the total implementation cost of solar panel. The consumer can select the best option based on their monthly electricity  bill.

      We can apply through  online. We gets 30 % electricity  from our state.70% gets from other states. So our government starts  soura scheme.  Three main companies are included in this project. KSEB selected 42,000 people for first stage.

       It is very suitable scheme.  If you have 400 units electricity/ month,you can give 50% electricity to KSEB. If you want to set 1 kw plant ,its cost is Rs 13,500. They only gives 25% of total cost.Its capacity is 2 kw to 3 kw. 

       Model 2 scheme only for domestic  use.  If you want to set 1 kw plant,its cost is Rs 32,000. They gives 60% of total cost.

        In 1A scheme,If you have 120 units electricity/ month, they are selected to this scheme. If they want to set 1 kw plant,they only gives 12% of the total cost. They can take 25% of unit production. 

            In plan 1B, If you have consumes 150 units electricity/month,they are included in this scheme. They only gives 20 % of the total cost. They can take 40 % of unit production. 

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