Today I would ike to inform you about how to blackened hair using coconut shell. It is a natural hair dye. Every people likes black hair. 

       Coconut shell helps to smoothen the scalp and remove the impurities from scalp. It helps to increase the hair growth. We can blacken our hair naturally.  Artificial dyes damage the hair. So avoid artificial  hair dyes and use natural hair dyes.

      Massage butter oil to the scalp before bath.wash hair with gram flour and curd. Rub hair with onion paste.  Take zinc .It will prevent premature graying.

       Coconut shell oil is used to skin diseases. We can use coconut shell to keep toys. Coconut charcoal is safe. 

      We can make amla(goose berry) hair dye in coconut shell. Cook the dried amla on high flame. Roast for 20 minutes.scrap the coconut shell well. Add water and cook for 20minutes.pout amla water in a coconut shell. Next day take this all in a grinder and blend it. We get a smooth paste. Apply on hair . Wash with normal water. 

     Heating the charcoal in high temperature. The coconut shells will be carbonized into charcoals.After cleansing and desulfurization , we will get clean charcoal. After cooling ,add 1/2 spoon indigo powder and grind in mixie. Do this 3 times /week for 1month. Then do this monthly once.  We get a fine powder.Apply 1hour before bath. We can add castor oil and mix well.  After 1 hour wash with normal water. It helps to blackened  your hair naturally. 

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