We can fill the tank with water without electricity  and motor

       Today I would like to introduce a method on how to fill a tank without a motor or current. It is a very good idea. We can save electricity  with this method.  It will be very difficult for us if the power goes out. The biggest problem is that there is no water in the tank. 

     There will be a need to draw water from the well. But we can fill the tank with water without using electricity.We can operate this device by hand or with an inverter or with a vehicle battery.when buying kappi,select one that is not damaged by water.


  • 12wattz wiper motor  -1
  • Water well pulley (kappi)
  • Tire  – 1 piece
  • Bearing block  -2
  • Iron chain
  • Cycle rim

       We can see how to make this tool. Make a frame square shape. Weld and strong it. Connect the large wheel to the shaft. Then attach the chain wheel to the inside of a motor. Connect the motor to the frame. Connect the 12 watt 5 ampere transformer to the frame.

     We can use 2 diode capacitors. We can connect to the computer’s SMPS  board. It has 4 wires. Check the AC in and DC out.

     Then connect the frame to the pillar of the hell.  Weld it. Use a pvc reducer that delivers an inch with this.  Cut a piece from the pvc the same as the size of kappi. Make a hole.  Concrete the pipe. We can connect the polyester  coir through this pvc.

     Connect  the kappi to the 6 inch pipe. Cut the rings from tyre and put them in the coir. And make a hole to the pvc pipe. Place the kappi inside it.  Then fit the wheel to the pillar. Take the rim and connect to the shaft and chain connect bearing blocks. Connect to the frame. 

     Connect the coir to the kappi and lower the pipe into the water.we can attach a liver. We can already see the water  coming out. We can fill the tank with this  method. 

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