We can check the consumed electricity in electronic devices

     Today I would like to inform you about how to reduce the electricity bill. We can find the leakage of current.In these days, most of the houses have high electricity level.Many of us do not know why we have high electricity level.Although we often do not use electronic devices much.It is best to know how much current each electronic device consumes.

    Today I would like to introduce a machine to know the exact current produce in each electronic devices. We connect the electronic devices to this meter. It is a 10 ampere meter. We can check from ac to induction cooker.

     Table fan takes 53 watts current. Mobile phone takes 10.2 watts current. A CFL bulb takes 9 watts current. Always use company charger to charge the mobile phones. Put off the switches after use.

    Refrigerator takes 219 watts.Induction cooker takes 1300 -2200w. If we open the door, it takes 50 watts. We can check the watts using this metre. We can buy this powerguard  from Amazon. Its price is Rs 900 -2500.

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