We can buy quality  dresses at low cost in  Bangalore


      Today I would like to introduce a place where we get dresses at low cost.It is in RC puram, Bangalore. This place is near majestic.It is a big area of clothes.we can buy a lot  of dressing materials  at affordable  rates from here. We can buy quality  products from here

       We will get linen materials, wecan stitch two shirts from it . Its price is Rs 400 /kg.  Ikg means 5 meter. Linen clothes shrink but we can make 2 shirts from ½ kg clothes..we can buy wholesale ,retail Materials from here. We can buy good quality  bed sheets  at low cost from here.we can buy different  colours.  Its price is Rs 250 / kg.

       We will get 3 jeans at Rs 1000. We will get 3 shirts at Rs 750. We will get T-shirts at Rs 100.we can buy all types of dressing materials  here.  Linen,cotton, fabrics materials  are available  here. Cotton fabrics shirt  materials started  with Rs 85/meter.

          Here we can see 85 % Kerala  dependent materials.  We will get Shall,sarees Rs 20 – 150 / meter materials.  We can buy plain sarees and design it. We can buy quality  pur bed sheets from here. These are soft bed sheets.  Its price is Rs 350 /kg. 1 bed sheet is 2kg. We can use this as a cover for the sofa, car ,etc. We will get a variety of colours. 

        We can see a Variety  collections  of curtains. It starts from Rs 150 / piece  to 1500 /piece. These are jute cotton  materials. We can buy transparent types of curtain materials. Its price is Rs 350 /piece.

      We can see fancy designed  curtains  here. We can buy windows  and door curtains  here. These are quality  materials. 

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