We can buy beautiful Persian cats at low cost

     Today I would like to inform you about a place where we get  percian cats. Persian cats are long haired ,round faced,short muzzled cats . These cats are very beautiful  cats.

       Its weight is 7 – 12 pounds. Its height is 10 – 15 inches. These cats are quiet,gentle and docile nature cats. They give their attention  to people they trust.

      They mostly love their owners. They like to be picked up,petted and cuddled.  Persian cats are a variety  of patterns and colors.Today we can see a place where we get Persian  cats.

     We can buy cats from there. We will get Persian cats at low cost.It is in Kannur.we can see punch face male Persian cats from there.

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Tails and petals,

Ezhome  – kannur




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