Mobile phones are very important in our life. It helps to make and receive  calls while the user is mobile moving within the telephone service  area. It gives a variety of services  like text messaging, email, internet  access,video games etc. Smart phones have a lot of features. 

     It helps to keep in touch with family  members, friends. Some people  have more than one mobile for different  purposes. Now mobile phones are used for mobile banking. It helps to transfer  cash easily. We can collect location  data through  mobile phones. Apple iPhone are smartphones designed  by Apple. But these mobile phones are very expensive.  But we will get these mobile phones at low cost.

     We can buy all types of i phones at low rates from here. We can buy an iPhone 6,64 GB at Rs 8500.we will get 1 year Apple warranty  also.It is mobile mac,gandhipuram, 9 th street,coimbatore. We will get a 4S apple phone at Rs 3000.we can buy iPhone 5 at Rs 5000. We can claim at Apple stores. 

      We can buy android  phones also from here. We will get second hand mobile phones. We can buy an iphone ,32 GB. We can buy a new Apple Iphone at Rs 10,000.we can buy used Apple i phones. But it did not have a warranty. We will get i phones at Rs 3000. We can buy android 4GB RAM starting at Rs 5000.

       If you purchase an Iphone SE product ,you can directly  claim it in the Apple store. These are 100 % original.  They will give the original  temper pouch charger .It has 2 GB Ram,32 GB storage space,and supports all OS. It supports the current  OS.We can download  OS. We can buy an iPhone 6, 64 GB, at Rs 8500. It has only checking Warranty.we can’t use Google pay,phone pay,UPI.

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