We can build a house without loan

        Today I would like to introduce a happy news for you. We can build a house without loan. Having a nice house is everyone’s dream.Everyone wants to build a house without taking a loan.But due to financial difficulties, it is common for everyone to take loan. It may cause very big financial problems. But today I Want to share with you how to build a house without taking a loan.

          Today I want to introduce a house near the vallikkunnu railway station. It has 703 square feet.  This house has a sitout,main hall,2 bedrooms,work area, common bath room,attached bath room. The main door is made up  of teak. We can see a living area. This house has a separate dining area. This house has a wooden finished sealing.We can see the steal windows.

         This house has a prayer area. We can see a crockery shelf beside of the dining room. We can see 2 beautiful  10×10and 10×12  bed rooms. This bed rooms has war dob.

         We can see a ventilated kitchen.The storage cupboards has made up of aluminium and glass.we can see a work area. Common bathroom  seen near the work area. Its total cost is Rs 11 lakhs. This house was designed by building designers,  malappuram.

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