We can be run   home appliances by a small battery

       Today I would like to introduce you to a DC battery. We can use this battery to run all appliances in our home.There is a situation where there is always a current cutting problem. Therefore many houses having an inverter. So they do not know the difficulty. Today I would like to introduce a battery. This battery contains 25 batteries.  In this battery has two or three connectors.

     Remove all batteries from insulation. One battery has 9 volts.We need 25 batteries.Totally 235 volts batteries are connected. We can connect the positive and negative sides. Connect and check the voltage of batteries. It will receive 244 DC volts . Insert each connector on both sides. 

      Connect the bulb that operates on an AC volt to the current DC battery. The bulb is on.  We can charge mobile phones. It is a DC battery. We can use this battery in case of current cut  time. We can be run all types of electronic devices. DC current will not be able to run a long time.We can use this emergency.  It is very useful battery. We can charge lap top also.

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