We can be make yogurt from spoiled milk

     Today I would like to inform you about how to make yogurt from spoiled milk. We all are use milks for tea making,for giving children, making yogurt etc. But sometimes it is spoiled.  We don’t use this milk again. But todY I would like to inform you how to make yogurt with this milk.

   Yogurt is the food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. Yogurt is very nutritious. It contains protein,calcium . It strengthen our immune system.  It keeps our heart healthy.  It lowers belly fat.

     Some times milk is spoiled due to any causes. It has a distinct odour. It has slight yellow colour. It has a bad taste.Wecan replace the spoiled milk to yogurt.If milk is spoiled,we can add few tsp of curd and after 3 hours,we can be used it as curd. 

     When we boiled milk, if it is spoiled,after cool the milk,drain the water from it and  grind it in the mixie. Add 2 tsp of curd to it. MIx well.And place it beside the furnace. Next day we will get good yogurt. Do not need to waste the spoiled milk.we can use this for face pack.

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