We can also build a house with  beautiful interior for Rs 30 lakh

      Today I would like to introduce a beautiful house. Everyone has a dream to make a beautiful house at low cost.But it is very difficult. Always build a house with proper planning and budgeting. Otherwise it causes a huge loss of money.  Today I would like to introduce  a low cost house with furnitures.

      It has 1300 sq.feet. This house has 2 bedrooms  in ground floor and one office  room in first floor. Car porch made with poly carbonate sheets. Here avoid concrete roof . So we can save  money.

      In sit out we can see a glossy,combination of tiles. We can see  style designs. The front door is  made with 60,40  splitted.

              We can see a show wall along the front window.This house  is decorated with LED bulbs. In  upstairs the office room is designed with glass. We can see the glossy mac finishing tiles on the floor.we can see an open type kitchen. It has a lot of storage spaces. 

      The entrance to the living  room polished with plywood materials.we can see a GI pipe show mirror. All the dining furnitures made with dining pipe. This house was decorated with show bulbs. Wash basin designed with GI pipes. 

       In master bedroom, we can see  a floating type bed and beautiful cupboard. Dressing area is also included.Two bedrooms are attached.In kids bed room, the bed to accommodate  three children. Staircase tiles are a combination of granite and tile. The grip part made with CI pipes.We can see an open terrace.

       This house is constructed in 5 cents.we can see a huge courtyard . The house has white ,grey combination.  We can see the show walls  in the front of the house. 

        It is a beautiful house at low cost. This house’s interiors are very beautiful. The total cost of this house with furniture  is Rs 30 lakh. This house is made with master intelligent planning.

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