Wall tiles – do not need cement, putty, painting

Tiles are thin,square covering made from hard wearing materials such as stone, metal, ceramic, baked clay and glass. We can fix tiles in floors,roofs, edges, table tops,etc. Wall tiles are used for walls because they are not designed to be load bearing. We can clean it easily and these tiles are durable.

Wall tiles are thinner,smoother,and delicate. Smooth tiles are most suited and preferred tile to bathrooms. Polished ceramic tiles are a great option for walls of bathrooms. Tiles serve more than functions as a protective surface for areas of your home.It gives an important role in the interior design of your home.

Tiles are as affordable. The starting price of tile starts from Rs 25 per square feet.you can regulate your budget according to your wish.you can find tiles in all sorts of colors,types and textures. Installation of other materials is quite long ,but in case of tiles installation marble flooring in a house measuring 500 square feet.The wastage of tiles much less than other materials.

Wall tiles have different advantages to select ceramic tiles .These tiles are cost effective. Unlike other tiles such as glass,slate, marbles, Ceramic tiles are easily manufactured. It has good finish and strength. There are a number of products available Ceramic tiles .It do not require any special cleaners to cleaning.

You can choose from unique rectangular tiles,small mosaics,and small decorative tiles,to build a house comfortably. You want to be sure that you are making the right choice. Wall tiles are a long lasting option .Different types of tiles are available in the markets.wall tiles are more profitable than painting. It doesn’t need cement ,painting and putties.

It provides 100 percent benefit to you.now cement,putty,paint is very expensive.And you should change that paint once in 6 months. But you can select Wall tiles. Vitrified tiles are made with China clay. We can see a new material for walls. It doesn’t need cement. We can install it easily.

We can Install 245×120 tiles in a wall easily. It is decor tiles.Ut is a pure white material. It has good quality. We can fix this tile into the wall easily. T is not a full body tile. Give channels and lock the tile .Then tight it well. It has no crack, damage. You can change it as floor tile also.it has perfect jointing. These all are digital tiles.It is a low expensive method.It has Rs 79/square feet.

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