Vehicles Paint protection film  at affordable rates- fire resistance,prevent scratches 


     The paint of a vehicle can enhance the look of your vehicle. It makes it look shabby. A minor scratch can damage your paint. Paint protects your vehicle. It provides a protective coating to your vehicle from the damage. Most car bodies are made with steel which can weaken overtime, if not properly protected.A well sealed coat of paint helps to keep your car’s body strong and keep you safe on the paint serves an important function in preserving vehicle value. 

      Along with providing an appealing look to car exterior ,paint is designed to ward off structural problems of vehicles. When paint gets damaged, it can allow water and debris to get under the coat and cause it to rust spreads,it corrodes the body and compromises the structural integrity. The mechanics and car body repair team paint the vehicle correctly. The initial paint preparations are important. The paint job must be done exceedingly well without cutting corners to higher end vehicles. Vehicle painting is a multi step process.Extreme attention is required. 

        The main purpose of automotive paints and coatings is to protect the car body from sunlight, rust ,dust and rain.Quality car paints can extend the lifespan of vehicles body by preventing corrosion. Automotive paints have three basic components. They are pigment,thinner,and binder.Pigments provide the color to the paint.Thinner provides consistency of the paint. Binds bind the pigment and thinner.

      There are chemical compositions used for car painting.The urethane car paint is one of the long lasting paint options. It won’t fade for 10 years.It is more expensive than others.Acrylic enamel car paints last a long time.It is not easy to apply. Acrylic lacquer paints provide high gloss to the cars body.They don’t last long.Acrylic urethane is water based paint.primer is composed of urethane. It reduces use of oil for protecting the body from corrosion and rust.It helps to revealing the surface of helps to overcoming minor defects.Base coats are fixes the minor dents .it enhances appearance of body.clear coat is the final stage of car paint.It is durable to resist corrosion. 

    Different types of car paints provide a finished look to the vehicles.Most of the vehicles have a solid base coat. Different colors of solid paints are available in the market. White,red,blue and black are available. Lacquer clear coat provides an extra protective layer to the vehicle. Metallic paints are similar to solid paint. The metallic powder mixed in solid paints provides good exterior looks. Auto paint is designed to prevent structural damage. 

      We can see a variety of paint protection films. Paint protection film is the best way to preserve showroom quality finish on your vehicle. It will keep your vehicle looking newer longer without changing the design features. Paint protection film is thermoplastic urethane self healing film applied to the painted surface of a new car . It protects the paint from stone chips,minor abrasions. It is OEM approved by virtually all car manufacturers. 

     It is installed on a limited basis. It is commonly applied to high impact areas of vehicles. It is an extreme paint protection film. It helps to prevent scratches. Firstly they wash the vehicle. Then 3 layered polish the vehicle. Remove all the scratches.Then apply the paint protection film.They apply the film adds requirement. You can apply it to handle,mirror area,etc.

     They provide different treatments. They provide graphs.2 days needed for this procedure. It has fire resistance also.we can wipe the fire with a wet cloth.we can apply this film to the doors. It starts from Rs 3000.They provide protection to 5 areas.door handle,door beading  areas,mirror/front bones,etc. Professionals have applied for it. Different tools are used for this application.  

     They have branches in Kochi,Chennai,Calicut, pondicherry. They provide support to start a business with it. You can study it for 3 days. They help to study it. We can remove this film easily. It has a 10 year warranty. 

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