Vayoraksha scheme – How to get Rs 25,000 to Rs 2 lakhs,benefits 


      Elderly population in India is growing. Considering the scenario, the Government of Kerala introduced various key initiatives giving focus on welfare,care  and protection of senior citizens in our state. The Social Justice Department under the Government of Kerala has introduced this scheme in our state. Social security to the senior citizen is not Charity instead it is their basic human rights. Senior citizens have different types of problems in our society like exploitation, neglection, discrimin ation,etc. And also they have  social , economic , physical and emotional distress. They need special care and attention during emergency situations. So they formulated a comprehensive project vayoraksha. The main aim of Vayoraksha is addressing the grievances and issues faced by the senior citizens during crises.

        It  provides assistance and support to the elderly population during crisis. It provides  emergency medical aid to the destitute and downtrodden elderly persons. It provides  availability of caregivers for bedridden senior citizens. Provide rehabilitation for those who need care and protection. Provide legal aid for senior citizens. They provide a comfortable environment.

      Senior citizens in BPL category will be benefited under this scheme. It can be used to provide special needs of senior citizens during medical emergencies, surgery , covid-19 treatment, ambulance assistance, rehabilitation , caregiver services and purchase of assistive devices. The fund can be utilised for medical examination , institutionalization, wandering and bereaved senior citizens.

        They  provide emergency medical assistance and food for senior citizens who are victims of natural calamities. Provide medical aid for the victims of abuse ,accidents and life-threatening burns . And the fund can be used to take suitable remedial measures for ensuring care and protection of senior citizens.

         District Social Justice officers provide funds not exceeding Rs 25000. Prior approval of the monitoring committee has to be taken to utilise funds up to 2 lakhs.Above 50 years old  senior citizens  will get Rs 25000 to Rs 2 lakhs.It needs an order from district  officer.if you want above Rs 2 lakhs,prior sanction has to be taken directly from state government. You can apply through a panchayat,municipality. 

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