Various  machineries makes your life easier 


      We use machines in our day to day life. It makes our life easier. It helps our tasks faster, quicker,etc. Phones, laptops, microwaves are examples  of machines. It helps to carry  out various  tasks. It helps to work on  better way.machines are used in all kinds of industries to carry out tasks.Machines help us to reduce work correctly as due to machines .A machine is a device by which a small applied force can be multiplied to overcome resistive force .without machinery tools it is difficult  to see how human beings could survive.Simple machines are used every day , making tasks much easier.It reduces  amount of effort. 

      We can see different  types of machines. Hey are chapati making machines,paper cover machines, chips making machines. Large rice grinding machines, stitching  machines, fruits dryer machines, etc.It is in machinery expo 2022,near jawaharlal nehru international stadium, Ernakulam. Liquid filling machine is also here. 

       If anyone wants to start a business  , you can buy machinery  from here.we can see a machine for roasting rice flour easily. You can roast  it at Rs 1.50 for 1 kg. It is the replacement of wood and gas roaster. You can process  jam, sauce, pickle .In this machine, heat permits fluid oil and transfers temperature  to the is a very useful machine. It is an electric roaster. We can roast 200°c. 

     Single phase flour mills machineries are here. A purpose  dryer is also here. We can dry coconut, jackfruit,tapioca,fish,dry fruits,and all spices in this machine. It is very is an electrical drier. It has Rs 800 watts heat. It has a price of Rs 1,35,000 price.It is a full steel machine. It has exhaust  to remove moisture. 

      Medical cover making machines are also available.  It has Rs 3 lakhs. They have tissue paper making machines, textile cover with printing making machines,foil containers  making machines,paper straw,etc.happathi, idiyappam , puri, parotta making machines are here. It has a unit containing  4 machines. Compressor, dough ingredients machine, ball making machine,chapati making machine. It has Rs 5.50 lakhs. We can make 1000/ 1 hour. 

      Paper cover making machines are available. We can print and get the final product. They provide all subsidy assistance to new business  people.snacks production cutting machines are available.  We can use it industrially. We will get slicer products. It costs Rs 41,000.we can make 300 kg in 1 hour. It has Rs 41000.onion slicing machine is also available. 

       Small Embroidery  machine  is available.  It has Rs 3,70,000.we can make beautiful  prints using this machine quickly. It has a large scope in kerala. You can start a profitable  business  with this machine. Automatic packing machine is also available. It has Rs 3,65,000.Vacuum packing machine  is also available. Digital particle filling machine is also available.  We can fill water, juices, pop corn, etc. 

        Liquid  filling machines are also available. We can fill oil, mineral water,etc. It has Rs 25,000 + GST. We can set three units and fill it. Drill stand, water level controller is also available. Steam service using  water washing machines  are available. Theyborovide budgeting materials, marketing  support  to new business people. We can buy small to large steamers from here.Vegetable cutting  machines are available.  

        Kerala state NEEM G electric  auto is here. It hasxRs 3,10,000 .we charge it at home. Natural waste disposer is also available. Dehydration  drier is also here. We can dry all types of materials  through this machines. Ice cream kulfi making machines are here.electrical solar kitchen  is available. It has Rs 4 lakhs. You will get loan to women through NUML scheme for starting  business. You can buy a clothes dryer at Rs 10,000.

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