Toys are very important  in the life of children. Toys provide entertainment while fulfilling an educational  role. It encourages children to process information and make sense of their world. We can select  educational  toys. Educational  toys increase the kids literacy,hand eye coordination ,motor skills and memory. From small babies to toddlers toys are a very important part of the development  of a child. All children enjoy playing with toys .Children can learn through the toys. 

          Many toys offer hands-on learning  opportunities that can give basic skills .At first stage, toys are a form of entertainment for  them. After that they can start using toys to help understand  the world. It is also a creative  tool. When a child manipulates  a toy,they are developing their motor skills. Toys improve their motor development, emotional maturity, creative  thinking, cognitive  development, improve  social skills,etc.

     Today we can see a place where we get toys at a low rate. It is in Kumbarpet  (between Majestic and KR Market)Bangalore. It is the best market. We can buy toys, frenchee,stationery, bangles ,etc.We can buy Chinese and Indian  toys here. It is mahadev enterprise. We can see dancing dolls,talking  parrots,talking tom, robot boat,etc. We can change the songs of talking tom. 

      We can  buy keychains,large bikes ,cars.we can control the bike  with a remote. It has two batteries. It has a hand accelerator. We can control break by legs. Its price is Rs 7500.we can see BMW cars. It has a double motor and double battery.we can control it by remote.we can see a variety  of toys here. 

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